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Oakmere Lodge Country Park is situated in the vicinity of Oakmere and Abbots moss SSSI’S (Sites of Special Specific Interest) which are designated for their peat land habitats and which include in the Midlands Meres’ and Mosses Ramsar site and candidate Special Areas for Conservation (SAC).

High regard has been given to the landscape and ecological aspects of the site, taking into consideration its current and potential value. In particular specific regard has been given to the relationship of the site to areas of nature conservation in Vale Royal and the valuable contribution the proposals would make to the borough’s nature conservatory strategy. These can be seen on the colour master plan. Click Here to view the map.

The substantial areas of woodland and wetland proposed at Oakmere Lodge Country Park have been provided to encourage valuable wildlife habitats.

In particular hedgerows and ponds have been identified as priority and the development of these has been given high priority in the Landscape Master plan. Creation, enhancement and management of these habitats, together with scrub and grass land will be benefiting BAP priority species such as bats, amphibians and song thrush and other species of invertebrates, mammals and birds whom have declining populations.

We have exhumed the existing lake, which existed over 100 yrs ago and are in process of restoring it to its natural beauty to create a major natural resource both for amenity and for habitat development. The lake banks are being re-profiled and on the northern banks public access is encouraged through an extensive network of level, gravel bound footpaths linking all sections of the site to the observation platforms extending into the water.

The southeastern area of the lake edge will have access restricted to live willow walls and its margins developed to create a nature reserve. In the centre of the lake the island will be planted and a gravel beach added to encourage water foul.

A further nature reserve will be created in the Southwest corner of the site. Again access will be restricted through the use of a live willow wall and a pond in the natural wetland of this area.

Generally the site is well screened around its entire perimeter with mature trees and hedgerows. These broad belts of planting also create an ecological framework within which a number of other habitants are proposed. There is a 5 year maintenance and management schedule in force to encourage the full potential of the landscape of the area.